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Biophilic Design is defined by Wikipedia as “a concept used within the building industry to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct nature, indirect nature, space and place conditions.”

In our modern world, incorporating ponds, water features, water gardens, etc. in the home or living space embodies the literal definition of Biophilic Design.  This only works to its fullest potential when those who are crafting such work are specialists – artisans re-creating a slice of nature – building a living portal that attracts wildlife from the surrounding areas in to complement the design.

Recreating Nature

Bio-Fusion Designs has been able to fulfill many Capital Region residents’ dreams of having a water element of their very own (installed in their front, back, or side yard spaces - even inside the home).  

Almost everyone can agree, one of the main benefits of the soothing sound of water is pure relaxation. Water, which is necessary for life, also draws the attention of numerous species of wildlife such as; birds, frogs, and butterflies (to name a few).  

Incorporating indigenous plant material, in the right manner, next to water, not only adds to the beauty of the surroundings, but also provides a literal panoramic backdrop for nature to be on display in real-time.

Bringing the Outside In

Everyone’s reason is unique for choosing a pond, re-circulating waterfall, or a feature (on any scale) involving some element of moving water. Water has a healing benefit in its meditative effect. For some, the sight and sound just produce happy thoughts – a sense of well-being. Indoor water features can also have an air purifying effect. 

The gold standard for indoor displays of nature are Living Walls. These planted wall structures are self- sustaining (for the most part). Whether architectural or artistic, they typically exhibit a regional display of specific plant species that co-exist (a Biotope).  

At the 2023 Capital District Flower & Garden Expo, Bio-Fusion Designs took it a step further with a Custom Living Water Wall display. The tropical display was robust with plantings.  The sight and sound of water streaming down the wall and the waterfall outcroppings (built in a 3D fashion extending from the wall) drew smiles from all those curious enough to get up close and interact with this living, breathing mural.

For the Whole Family

Sometimes, pets are the reason people choose to have, or renovate, an existing water-filled display.  There are animals that need to have an expanded or improved home that includes water.  

Over the years, Bio-Fusion Designs has worked with clients to create ponds for ducks or the optimal pond conditions for turtles. We have built animal enclosures, and habitats for indigenous species of fish (not just exotic or decorative fish such as Koi or Goldfish).  

Most dogs have a certain affinity for a water-filled area of the yard. 

It brings a smile to my face every time I see a client’s dog perched on a feature rock around a pond, or actually wading, and exploring, the watery world.

Children also exhibit pure fascination for ponds and their living contents. A family pond, or natural swim pond feature, may be their earliest interaction with nature. They become personalized displays for enrichment and education. Tailored to the space, ponds and water features bring new meaning to the phrase “Fun for the whole family.”  

Kids feeding the fish, parents enjoying the children’s harmless fun, pets frolicking around, butterflies and humming birds enjoying the flowers’ nectar (while also stopping for a drink), frogs creating a chorus. It paints a pretty nice picture, doesn’t it?  

“Mother Nature is the best artist, modeling after her in our creations is what we strive for each and every time.”

For more information on how Bio-fusion Designs may be able to help fulfill your pond or water feature dreams, contact them at 518-527-0426 or visit