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[From the Fall 2023 Showcase of Homes Magazine]

Written By Megin Potter  |  Photo Provided

At the 2022 Saratoga Showcase of Homes, Nicholas Adie invited more than 400 people each day to grab a glass for a curated tasting experience at 28 Granite Street, the DSG Construction and Remodeling home. 

Serving an inviting rosé champagne paired with strawberries, Effie’s Homemade Oat Cakes, and brie cheese, Nick dispensed masterful pairing ideas and an understanding of the vast number of options available. 

“Everybody certainly was delighted,” said Nick. As the Saratoga Sommelier, he specializes in hosting unique personal or corporate events centered around wine.

Nick got his first job as a server in the downtown Saratoga restaurant scene 17 years ago. Since then, he’s been a bartender, caterer, restaurant manager and owner. In 2020, he became a certified sommelier.

“I always had a passion for wine and food,” he said, and the more varieties he was exposed to, the more his experience and expertise grew. 

Expand Your Vinous Horizons

A private sommelier allows you to deepen your understanding of wine in a relaxed, comfortable setting. By adding the Saratoga Sommelier to your guest list, you’ll have the assistance of an experienced palette for food pairing suggestions, tasting notes, and catering services at your next shindig. 

“Everyone has a different style, a different reason for wanting to know about wine, and a different concept for what they want the night to be. Every time I host an event,
I start with a blank slate,” said Nick. 

Each event is as special as each bottle of wine. 

“Every bottle is unique – a living product that evolves into different flavors and aromas,” said Nick.

During the pandemic, Nick began offering virtual tastings, and now provides personalized private wine and dinner parties for as many as 10 people, as well. For larger groups (of up to 25), he’ll coordinate with a personal chef or catering company for your themed event and be onsite to pour and provide you with the wine’s unique backstory and flavor profile. 

Past tasting themes have included selecting cabernets from different regions of the world, wines at different price points, or sampling all reds or all whites. He even replicated the famous 1976 Judgement of Paris competition where California wines famously won, effectively ending the notion that fine wines only come from Europe. 

“As long as you’re not afraid to venture away from the food and wine path a little, you’ll be quite surprised by what you find,” he said. 

Whether you’re new to wine, or have a growing cork collection, the Saratoga Sommelier makes tastings fun and engaging instead of stuffy and pretentious. 

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