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A Woman's Oasis



As an interior designer, I see women struggle with organization in all areas of their home. Hiring a professional to help you create a functional, organized, yet divine space to call your own is worth the investment for the peace of mind it delivers in your daily tasks, as one of my clients discovered in her journey for more closet space.

The home Larissa Rosecrans shares with her husband, P.J. had an extra bedroom conveniently located near the master bedroom. Opening the wall between the spaces, where an existing full-length mirror existed, allowed them

to create a Master Suite while repurposing the unused bedroom as her closet. In working with Larissa, she had three goals in mind... retaining the striped wallcovering that she loved, while allowing it to be seen amongst all the cabinets, utilizing the custom drapes and incorporating a large island with multiple drawers for storage. Likewise, we faced a few challenges (all projects have challenges... I love it!), the room had two large windows and a large working radiator to contend with and a husband who is in real estate and was very focused on high quality cabinets.

After measuring all her belongings, yes, every square inch, the newly organized bedroom - transformed into a walk-in closet - was revealed to Larissa in 3D. “It was amazing! I could literally see the room design and the functionality of the space was exactly what I wanted.
I knew it was going to be perfect!”

Larissa’s surprise began with a secret entry door, double sided with mirrors for dressing convenience in either space. Upon entry, her new walk-in closet revealed her beloved wallcovering from behind the open-backed long-dress hanging area, detailed with a diamond motif which is reminiscent of the theme throughout the house. As she steps in, her island comes to life with a magnificent mirror top which reflects the antique chandelier left at the house from days gone by. The multitude of drawers were carefully sized to hold all her belongings - and then some - as well as incorporating two hampers and drawer- in-drawers for double stacking jewelry, sunglasses and other small belongings. The perimeter of the space unfolded with a stack of small drawers for scarves and accessories, leaving the upper shelving open for displaying special items like photos, hats and special collectables.

A valet rod allows Larissa to organize her outfits and accessories neatly before heading out to face another busy day. With plenty of room for hanging shorter items in the double-hang open closet area, Larissa realized it was easier to locate the items she was looking for. “My husband is also excited because I can get ready a lot faster, it’s easier to find things and we’re not tripping over one another.”

Most women love their shoes and Larissa is no exception. With business trips to major cities throughout the world, her outfits must change in an instant with the climate and so must her shoes. Remember the challenges that had to be addressed in this space... the windows and the radiator? The area under one window became a bench with a pull-out drawer with angled dividers to house multiple pairs of sneakers and sandals. The radiator also succumbed to design as it was hidden below a pullout shoe cabinet with brass screens that coordinate with the other radiator covers throughout the house. Four individual pullouts in total, two with angled shelves for high heels and two with smaller openings for flats and sandals.

But the pièce de ré·sis·tance is her 30" wide glass fronted cabinet
for displaying her treasured purses just alongside the other window which welcomes a chair for reclining. “I love the lit display cabinet, it is the highlight of my life every time I walk in; it couldn’t have looked better! My girlfriends were blown away too! They commented that it’s like something from the ‘Real Housewives’ television series!!”

And finally, a multitude of open shelves next to the door to store tall boots, oversized bags and anything else that needs a home... Maybe even more shopping?!

The custom designed, hand-built cabinets even caught the trained eye of her husband, P.J. “He was so impressed with the construction, quality and craftsmanship of the cabinets.” It’s always good to keep the husband happy too!

When I asked Larissa to sum up her space, all she had to say was “Glamourous...Makes me feel beautiful. I love it!”

Her advice for other women toying with the idea to do the same... “Go
for it! I just sit in the room and smile. It's my favorite room in the house.” SS