Our homes have many rooms

Their names typically dictate what the room will function as. A kitchen is for cooking and eating. A living room for hanging out and watching TV.  What gets tricky is having a function but no space for it.

When you have an activity with no clear space for it, boundaries for the activity or storage for related items, you either crowd other areas for their intended function or you rarely do the activity because getting started is too hard.

A great example is hobbies. If you like to paint, where do you do it?  Where do you put your brushes and paint and canvases? If you have the paint in a tote in a closet and your canvases in the basement and your easel in the garage, that isn’t conducive to just rolling up the stool and starting a painting.

If you have an extra room, great! But that is typically unlikely. Maybe you just need an unused corner, next to a window perhaps, to allow for natural light – even better! A small table for your canvas or easel, a small shelving unit to organize your paints and brushes (preferably with doors if in a shared space) and a chair. Tuck your extra canvases under the table and you are set when inspiration strikes.

In carving out a space for a function (even if just storing all like items together  like an athletic gear corner) it means you can find what you are looking for when you need it. You can also see everything you have to support your activity. Overspending and duplicate buying because something can’t be found are two of the biggest reasons why getting organized for an activity should be done.  

Imagine if this new space is for a side business you are starting? With it, you could change the rest of your future. In the painting example, setting the space up permanently, provides instant access to your hobby.  

So, what do you not have space for? How much space to you need to effectively support that function?  Walk around and find an unused space that you can carve out …for just what you need!

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