The beautiful thing about an outdoor room is that it’s alive!

The beautiful thing about an outdoor room is that it’s alive!

When you use plants to define the space, you’ll not only have privacy, but an ever-changing garden flourishing all around you.

Grasshopper Gardens grows hundreds of varieties of healthy trees, shrubs, and flowers in their local nursery that you can buy easily online to have delivered and planted. They’ll also advise you on care, or do the maintenance for you, ensuring an outdoor space that you’ll enjoy year-round. 

“We can help anybody with their entire lawn and landscaping – from a new home, to a makeover, to someone who just wants one plant,” said Grasshopper Gardens Founder and President John Delisle. 


Grasshopper Gardens will help you snap your imagination into shape with pointed questions about your outdoor living objectives. 

“We go through it with them step-by-step, find out their long-term goal and vision whether they want to do it piece-by-piece or all at once,” said Delisle. 


  • How many people will be using the space?
  • When will you be in it? (Think fire pit for year-round outdoor rooms.)
  • Are there any views you want to frame or eyesores you want to hide?
  • What kind of investment are you prepared to make?

“Put as much thought and consideration into your outdoor room as you would an indoor room,” advises Delisle.  


Now that you’ve answered some preliminary questions, you’ll have a better idea about how much area you’ll need and how much light it will be receiving, so its time to pick out some growing things to liven up the area.

The native plants Grasshopper Gardens nursery specializes in are already hardy, some matured for up to 10 years, so you can fill-in your space quickly. 


Living Walls: The narrow, pyramid shape and dense structure of the evergreen Arborvitae makes it a natural choice for defining a space. The columnar oak tree is another good choice with a similar shape. Some varieties of apple trees would also be suitable.

Patio Privacy: Boxwoods, hardy hibiscus, and ornamental grasses are good because they can thrive in containers and still grow 4’ to 6’ in height.

Softening Hardscapes: Vines are a great way to add green without sacrificing space: think Boston ivy, Virginia creeper, or the vigorous and showy trumpet vine for fantastic color. 

Ceiling Interest: Escape under cascades of blooms draped through the beams of a pergola with popular and attractive clematis, the spectacularly fragrant wisteria, or Delisle’s personal favorite – the Dutchman’s pipe. Butterflies also love the plum-colored, speckled, pipe-shaped flowers perched on this woody vine.

Even in winter, the dried flowers of a hydrangea bush can be posed between a bundle of cedar sprigs to liven up an outdoor tabletop. 

Now’s the time to get your garden room off the ground and growing. Shop Grasshopper Gardens’ large selection of trees, shrubs, perennials, mulch, and landscaping services online at www.grasshoppergardens.com.

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