Glam Closet

Written by Julie Malesky Putzel
Photos by Randall Perry Photography

The Glam Closet started as an aside conversation with my client, as we were standing in her kitchen discussing a current project we were working on. Knowing the owner of California Closets, she wanted to work with their product and I instantly had a vision for how I saw the final space!

The room in question was her oldest daughter’s childhood bedroom and needed a new purpose – we got right to work!

This project started in September and needed to be completed by Thanksgiving,

since that is when all the kids would be home from college. Measuring the room, creating a floor plan and closet layout

was the first step. I wanted my client to feel like she was royalty when in this room. We shared a special moment when I described how this will be the room her daughters will use to get ready for their weddings someday.

We wanted an all-inclusive “Glam Dressing Room.” Completely girlie, sparkly, and (just) a bit over the top! I created a
custom layout that took into account her gorgeous shoe collection, as well as various pocketbooks, hats, and personal accessories. The reflected ceiling plan included 13 recessed lights, and 3 chandeliers; a chaise and faux fur throw blankets. There are also additional lights in some of the cabinetry itself and a wine fridge, (we must not forget the wine fridge!)

Literally every vendor we worked with told us we had too much of this, too much of that. They would say “you don’t need a wine fridge”, or “you don’t need that many lights” and “the corner shelves for the shoes won’t work.” They didn’t understand my vision, yet I had a reason for every detail.

In the end, the final result is HER perfect walk-in Glam Dressing Room. And
yes, we did get the wine fridge, the shoe shelves, and all the lights! SS

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