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(left: Cole Gailor 2023 (GGE owner); middle: Peter J. Gailor early 1990s (Cole's dad); right: Ernest N. Gailor early 1960s (Cole's grandfather))

Gailor Ground & Earthworks’ owner, Cole Gailor, is the third generation of the Gailor family to carry on the legacy that began with his grandfather nearly 75 years ago. 

Founded in the 1950s, Ernest N. Gailor Landscaping & Excavating specialized in residential and small commercial excavation. When Ernest’s son, Peter, began his business more than 40 years ago, he named it Peter J. Gailor Landscaping & Excavating. He began early (while still in high school) with mowing and maintenance and gradually moved to putting in septic systems, foundations, and additions. Through his later years in business, there was a strong focus on hardscaping design and Installation.  

Since before Peter’s death last summer, his son, Cole, has been at the helm of the family business. He is proud of his family’s landscaping legacy and, like his grandfather and his father had done, Cole is breaking new ground by changing the name of the company and rebranding to better reflect its renewed focus on top-notch residential and light commercial landscaping services.

Gailor Ground & Earthworks’ current specialties include: excavation, grading, large container and bulk material pickup and delivery, snow removal, tree planting, as well as athletic field and recreational trail installation. 

Holding Fast and True

In addition to his residential landscaping services, in 2006, Peter J. Gailor Landscaping & Excavating helped to kick-start the growth of Gavin Park by donating the construction of and materials for the Peter Gailor baseball field. 

The complex and multifaceted process of creating a surface capable of enduring sports tough on the turf required meticulous grading and shaping. The experience taught Cole the highly specialized craft, symmetry, and fine measuring needed to create a supreme playing surface with proper drainage - skills he’d like to use to give more local athletic fields, hiking, biking, and walking trails a facelift in the future. 

Also in 2006, Gailor began growing their fleet of roll-off containers. Home construction projects, landscape cleanups, and commercial demolition jobs are all workable with their containers in 10, 15, and 20-yard capacities. With local pick-up and delivery of bulk materials, Gailor Ground & Earthworks remains your go-to source for topsoil, mulch, stone, and sand. 

On Common Ground

In addition to needing a variety of excavation services for septic systems, line trenches, and drainage solutions, Saratoga residents commonly need sinkhole remediation, said Cole. 

Because Saratoga saw an uptick in quick construction and the building of tract housing in the 1990s, homeowners today are experiencing the consequences of land that wasn’t properly graded.

All the organic debris buried then has been decomposing underground over time, creating pockets of empty space, and forming sinkholes.  Cole said he’s seen sinkholes ranging from four, to as much as 10-feet deep, in these areas.

“People are curious about what’s going on underneath their feet and don’t always get all the answers they’re looking for. I try to give them those answers,” he said, adding, “We can provide a quality solution and remedy the issue within budget.”

Call at the first warm snap! 

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