Yes! By recycling and using more environmentally conscious products, B.D.B. Paving and General Contracting, Inc. proves there’s a greener way to your new driveway.


In today’s climate, it’s more important than ever that we use our non-renewable resources to their fullest potential. Even asphalt, which is made by refining fossil fuels, can have a second life. 

When B.D.B. Paving digs out an old driveway or parking lot, those slabs and pieces are gathered up and taken to their plant to be crushed down. These asphalt millings are then reused to create new driveways. 

“We’re not just dumping it, leaving it, and wasting it, people are reusing it. It keeps the mud and dust down, especially in real long driveways and on horse farms. It makes it so tractors can get through and gives it that ‘country’ look,” said company owner Brad Bovee.

Also, going recycled costs a whopping 80% less than buying new blacktop!

Once rolled, recycled asphalt packs together tighter than loose stone or gravel would. A driveway made from recycled asphalt typically lasts two or three years without needing to
be refreshed. 


Pavement is also a concern to the environment because of the hard surfaces it creates. These impermeable areas reduce green space while also exacerbating storm runoff, soil erosion, flooding, and water pollution, particularly in urban environments. 

B.D.B. Paving can use porous asphalt for your driveway instead, said Brad. 

It’s made with larger stones and creates a permeable surface that allows water to drain through to where it belongs - in the ground below.


Any asphalt surface will need a sealant, and luckily, B.D.B. Paving has an eco-conscious alternative for you here, too. 

Coal tar was the “go-to” sealant for ages because of its ability to resist damage from fuel. Coal tar, however, has been found to be harmful to wildlife and contains high levels of carcinogens. It emits strong odors (especially in intense sunlight) and can cause skin irritation. 

As an alternative, B.D.B. Paving offers asphalt emulsion sealants that have no strong smell, dry faster, and have almost undetectable amounts the chemicals that make coal tar dangerous to your health. 

Because emulsion sealants last longer than coal tar and aren’t as prone to cracking, a driveway protected with this material is less likely to break apart into debris that can find its way into streams, lakes, and the surrounding soil. 

Let B.D.B. Paving and General Contracting, Inc pave the way to more planet positive solutions for you. For more information, find them on Facebook, or go to their website www.bdbpaving.com

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