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Instagram Worthy Houseplants


There are an unprecedented number of people showcasing their plant prowess all over Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites right now. 

Popularity isn’t a problem for Dehn’s Flower’s. They have 3,000 sq. feet of greenhouse space filled up with an impressive selection of houseplants. 

To help plant parents tackle common problems and unusual mysteries,
everyone is logging on to social networking groups for advice,
like 518 Green Thumbs, said Dehn’s owner John Mishoe. 

For growing inspiration, stop by Dehn’s in downtown Saratoga or Ballston Spa,
and pick up one of these top 10 trendy choices.


#Philodendron – This simple plant is popular because it isn’t too fussy. The Philodendron family includes upright and climbers in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.  Place philodendrons in a spot with moderate to high light, give them something to attach to, and keep the soil moist for reliable green foliage. 


#Pothos – Also known as Devil’s Ivy because it’s so hard to kill, it’s easy to snap a pic of this trailing vine’s heart-shaped waxy leaves with contrasting stripes of white, yellow or pale green.

Fiddle-Leaf Fig

#Fiddle-Leaf Fig – The sultry green violin-shaped leaves of this plant make it an Instagram favorite. Just be careful not to over water this big beauty – too much water is the most common mistake that houseplant owners make.


#Succulents – With their interesting shapes and fun colors, these little darlings will inject some natural interest into your posts without a lot of work on your part. Great choices include aloe’s attractive spikes and jade, with its small coin-shaped leaves symbolic of wealth. 

Peace Lily

#Peace Lily – Relax your mind and improve your mood with the easy-to-grow peace lily. Most commonly seen with dark green leaves and proud white flowers, these beauties don’t mind low light conditions. 


#Ferns – Fun, fabulous greenery that’s also pet-friendly. Boston ferns are popular because they’re so resilient and staghorn ferns, with their funky foliage, make for an unusual wall-mount. 


#Sansevieria – Commonly known as the snake plant or the mother-in-law’s tongue (because of its sharp, sword-like leaves), is good at absorbing indoor-air pollutants. 


#Bonsai – These little trees let you show off your uniqueness in a big way. Caring for these creations is an ancient pastime that may be just the mediation you’ve been yearning for. 

Bird of Paradise

#Bird of Paradise – Stunning and unusual, this brilliant beauty brightens up any space.


#Orchids – Captivating with their delicate petals, Dehn’s antique varieties can live up to a decade with the right kind of care.

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