Change can be powerful.  

It may feel uncomfortable if not on your terms, but it can lead to good things.  We’ve been forced to change a lot over the last 12 months.  Some things we can’t wait to change back to the way they were and others we can’t imagine going back.

Spring is the perfect time to make changes.  Changes within the home.  Changes in schedules and habits.  Changes in work.  As the snow leaves us and green starts to emerge, what do you want to change?

Within our homes, changing things makes us feel excited about our space.  It makes you love your space more, or again.  Here are just a few things that can completely change how you feel about your space and how you feel in general:

Paint a room a fresh new color.
Rearrange a room and in the process of letting go of
   clutter, give everything a thorough cleaning.  
Re-purpose something you love i.e. that childhood desk
   could be an entryway command center.  
Buy all new matching bins, to create a simplified look
   and feel.  
Create a space for an activity you want to do more of, like
   a reading corner, crafting center or home gym. A quarter
   of a room could be just enough space to do this!

Some of these changes could support schedule and habit changes you want to make.  Maybe you want to read more, setting up that space makes it easy.  You may want to work out at home to get healthier and save money; that half a room where you placed your treadmill, weights and mat are ready to go when you are.  Chances are other family members want and/or need these spaces too.

COVID had made significant changes in how we work. Many, many people were immediately thrust into working from home.  Some of you are finding out that this is now a permanent change because your company not only realizes it works, but that they can let go of their costly building overhead.  Have you set up a spot to work effectively?  What do you need to change, to support what you do daily?  Maybe some of you have changed jobs and careers completely.  With both changes, a change in wardrobe may have taken place.  Going through your clothing to support the now is a great activity to do.  

Lastly, what can be changed in how you manage your days and your time?  Which activities or commitments would you like to eliminate?  What time sucks can you let go of?  Or, what can you add into your schedule that you want to get done?  Mapping out your time in a week can give you the visibility to make changes.  Then, making a comprehensive list of all of your ongoing to-dos and responsibilities will give you your commitments.  Be tough and assess each for what your passion is NOW. Do you want to do it?  Do you need to do it?  We go through seasons of involvement and interests, changing your schedule to meet where you are now serves you better but also serves the group you may be leaving too – it gives the chance for others to step up!

Assess what you can and want to change and make it happen. The changes could be big or small, but you will notice them. Happy Spring!

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