When Designers Become Consignors:



“Things come into your life and you think, awe, I want that, I wish I could take that home with me. That’s what I think when things come in. How could I make that work in my own home?” said Bonnie Grolley, co-owner of Saratoga Consignment Studio with her husband, Michael. 

Since no one’s home is that big, Bonnie created the Saratoga Consignment Studio to channel her gusto for great design. 

“This way, I get to enjoy it and live with it myself, too. I curate it in a manner that feeds my soul,” she said about this space. 

Aptly named a studio rather than a shop, this is a place where creativity happens.


Once tunneled into her own desires and tastes, Bonnie says she is now more open and grabs everything she feels has an opportunity to provide pleasure to someone else. 

“What I’ve learned in the 13 years of being in this business is that I have to be very open to a wide spectrum of design and I have to take myself out of the equation,” she said.

Hundreds of consignors bring in rustic, antique, vintage, contemporary and modern pieces of furniture and décor to the Saratoga Consignment Studio to be resold.

“My days are spent maneuvering and massaging the inventory. I never say no to good inventory. I love all of it,” she said. 


As the curator of the Saratoga Consignment Studio, Bonnie’s own voice is mixed with the items’ previous owners to give them new and meaningful futures. 

There are all sorts of reasons people no longer want gently-used, but cherished, good-quality furniture – decease, divorce, down-sizing. The Saratoga Consignment Studio is also a destination spot for the area’s interior designers who are regularly bringing in a variety of high-end brands. 

Since they only look new, these big names are available at small prices, making them within reach for more people.

“Because of interior designers being inside the home of someone and seeing how things come together, they know when something is just not quite right for a home. It eases that homeowner to know they can receive a good price for these things and make room for something else that’s a good fit. That’s a win for everybody,” said Bonnie. 


Organizing an enjoyable consignment shopping experience resembles skill akin to that of every good mixologist – it’s more than what’s on the shelf, it how you mix it together.

Last year, when concerns about COVID caused more people than ever to shop from home, the Saratoga Consignment Studio added an online store into the mix. 

“We didn’t just jump in the day things got crazy but the online sales were helpful to us because it prevented things from being completely interrupted. That’s when panic sets in,” said Bonnie.

In addition to consigned furniture, they also introduced new items into their inventory that customers can buy remotely for curbside pick-up. 


Seeing, touching, and experiencing a piece close-up and in-person is how the Saratoga Consignment Studio usually does business, so joining the online marketplace has been a challenging departure. 

“Our business has been a success because we offer the opposite of that,” said Bonnie. 

Often, customers stay for hours. The Christian music that’s playing adds an intimacy to the air here. 

“It’s just a place of peace somehow. It’s a culmination of not letting myself fall into the mainstream model and a response to how I want people to feel during the day.”

These emotions inform Bonnie’s memory for not only names but the preferences of even those who only visit occasionally. 

“In this crazy world we live in, people are seeking value and they really enjoy that there is a connection. It has an impact on people. The more affirmation that comes, the more I know, this is what I was meant to do. I really do believe that in my heart.”

Saratoga Consignment Studio, 3306 South Broadway, in Saratoga Springs, is open Tuesday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Find them online at www.scsdecor.com.

Challenge your beliefs about what you thought was possible. 

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Saratoga Consignment Studio
Saratoga Consignment Studio

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