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Decanting food into clear containers gives a clean look and keeps baking and other items sealed and fresh. Don’t forget to label! 

The Revived Home

Turntables are so versatile (and fun!). You can easily see what you have and items are not getting lost in the back of your pantry. It’s a must for spices!

The Revived Home

To maximize space, use acrylic risers to raise your shoes. Boot shapers help keep your boots upright making them beautiful to display.

The Revived Home

For deeper cabinets, installing gliding shelves allows you to access your items with more ease. Divided organizers are a great way to store lids and baking pans 

The Revived Home

Use clear containers in a refrigerator. Spills are inevitable and you want something that is easy to clean. 

The Revived Home

Hi, I'm Meg and I want to help!

The Revived Home

Think vertically when organizing. I put baskets on the top shelf to store items like hats and scarves. Matching hangers also help provide a uniform look.

The Revived Home


It is manageable, even if you are raising young children, pursuing a career and have a household to care for. When COVID-19 arrived, instead of being just a mom to my children, I became their tutor as their education continued remotely. I am luckier than most, having a background in elementary education, but your kids don’t listen to you quite like they listen to their teacher. We were fortunate to have close friends in the neighborhood for the kids to play outside with although parks, playgrounds, the library, museums, and other kid friendly venues were all closed.

My husband started working primarily from home as well. Now a family of four was huddled in our house, all trying to find adequate space to work and play. Oh, did I mention our two dogs? I imagine for most households, anxiety rose, and stress was tougher to combat. I wondered what I could do to minimize the chaos and simplify life at home. I have always been an organized person but as we all know, life happens, and it can be difficult to maintain an orderly home. From the tumult of the pandemic was born a mission to declutter, organize and create a simple, functional, and manageable system for all of us.

It is remarkable what an organized home can do for you. The less organized your home is, including your pantry, refrigerator, cabinets, and closets, the more anxious you may feel. Every space in your home should feel like a breath of fresh air. Having an organized home allows for more leisure time as a byproduct of the added efficiency of everything from stowing away groceries and freshly laundered clothes to finding exactly what you are looking for with ease.  

My husband Chris and I have owned our home for nearly ten years and have always loved it, but this transformation has brought an ease to our life that we did not have before! At that moment, I knew it was time to start helping others do the same and The Revived Home was born. 

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