Fourteen years ago, area native Tom Davis was living in his friend’s backyard and operating a small dog-walking business. Today, he’s on the path to becoming one of the world’s most famous dog trainers. 

How did this underdog become such a howling success? By training those holding the leash, not those tied to it. 

Success in a Dog-Eat-Dog World

Tom Davis has a different approach to dog training. He believes that by teaching owners to be at their best, their dogs will get what they need. This philosophy has guided him throughout his career and built his list of clients to include politicians, celebrities, and even royalty. 

Known as ‘America’s Canine Educator,’ Davis’s media company and regional Upstate Canine Academy training centers have helped millions of people answer their questions about canine behavior. 

As the host of the chart-topping ‘No Bad Dogs’ podcast, he helps listeners with tips and techniques. His relatable and easily-digestible training videos have garnered nearly 17 million views on TikTok, and almost 650,000 YouTube subscribers.

“It’s all in the secret sauce. I have the ability give information to people without them feeling offended or defeated, but in a way that is actually empowering.” 

Like a Dog with a Bone

As Tom Davis’ network of clients grew, he wasn’t surprised that it began to include the names of some famous movers and shakers. 

“I was really excited,” said Davis. “I was going from being a small-town kid growing up in South Glens Falls to working with some of the most famous people in the world.”

His first big celebrity client was New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Since then, he’s also worked with YouTuber Logan Paul, the Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggert, and pro-athletes Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo, among others. 

While he taught his high-profile clients, Davis was also learning from them.

“Being in their ecosystem for an entire week and having the experience to see how business is run at that scale was a huge opportunity for me,” he said. 

Every Dog Has It’s Day

Twice Tom Davis has appeared on NBC’s the 'Today' show. He’s also been on ABC’s Good Morning America’ twice and in June was the subject of an article in ‘People’ magazine.   

No matter how much media attention he gets, or how much he progresses on his journey, he’ll continue to strive to be the best version of himself and to help dog owners at home, he said. 

“It takes a lot of dedication and hard work and it’s a continual learning curve,” said Davis. “It continues to be so helpful to dog owners because it’s real. I’m working in real time and creating real content with dogs exhibiting real behaviors.” 

No matter who you are, seeing a dog’s behavior transform in minutes is miraculous. 

You CAN teach an Old Dog New Tricks

The new Upstate Canine Academy in Halfmoon is a 15,000 sq. ft. facility with five customized training rooms, seminar space, a recording studio, and the largest outdoor training area in the Capital Region. 

“As my personal brand continues to grow, our flagship location will always be in Upstate New York,” said Davis. “I’m really proud of the dog community we’ve built here locally, nationally, and internationally, as well. I continue to be really happy to offer services to people who want to build a better relationship with their dog.”

There is currently a two-month waiting period for private training at the Upstate Canine Academy. Virtual consultations are also available. For more information, visit them online at, follow Tom Davis on Instagram, and America’s Canine Educator on Facebook.

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