We invite you to come Behind the Scenes (BTS) of our Fall 2021 cover shoot! Are you ready?


Scout the location… 

I knew I wanted to use John Witt’s personal residence, as he is the founder of the event, and this was the 25th Anniversary – that was the easy decision.

The WINE ROOM was wild, the EXTERIOR was amazing, but this MASTER BATH – YES! – We’ve never had a bathroom on the cover, and I think it would look awesome!

Yes, that’s John hamming it up in the tub!

I can see it now… Fill the room (and tub!) with balloons and have Liz sitting at the edge. Publisher Chad didn’t see my vision, but I kept trudging along smile


Now, it’s on to the clothes, three locations call for three outfits – but of course!

Pam at Spoken called in Ashley Santiago from Joseph Ribkoff and her mobile showroom pulled up outside and away we went looking for the perfect outfits!



I knew for the WOW shot I wanted something different – I LOVE this look on PINK and I thought Liz could pull it off. Luckily, she is such a doll to work with!  This look was fun, festive, perfect for a party shot!



Creating my vision… 

I brought the bubbly and flutes, (while John kept it aerated!!) and Tailgate and Party supplied all the balloons! Now we just had to corral them… easier said than done!

What it really looks like BEHIND THE SCENES...

But it’s always so much fun! 

We’re constantly looking to make sure we got it JUST RIGHT! 

Finally, we’re done

As the Managing Editor, I give the publisher a choice of covers to choose from and with this publication, we ask Barry to weigh in too.

Personally, I would’ve gone with the WOW! cover in the bathroom, but the more traditional look won the guys over.

There you go… The Making of a Cover.

THANK YOU to all involved…

It was only fitting that we shoot this Celebratory 25th Anniversary Cover in the personal residence
of the man that started it all – Thank you John Witt for providing such a beautiful home –
with so many photo opps!! (House #5 on the tour!) 

Liz Bishop

Brandon Scott and Heather Winchip of The Company Salon and Spa

Spoken Boutique and Ashley Santiago with Joseph Ribkoff 

Tailgate and Party 

Chris Vallone Bushee

Randall Perry Photography

Thank You EVERYONE for another great Showcase of Homes cover!

- Chris Vallone BusheeCreative Director / Managing Editor of Saratoga TODAY’s Magazine Division

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